2018 in Words: Best-Fit, Reflection, and Emotional Intelligence

2018 has been unlike any other years. It came packed with hope, failure, reflection, achievement, and most importantly, gratitude through reflection. 2018 really emphasized my scope of gratitude – that although skill and luck can take you anywhere you want to go, the people that surround you and support you play a big and important role in your life and its success. We need to identify the people who support us, be thankful for their support and invest time to recognize them. So if I had to sum up 2018 in three “words”, they would be best-fit, reflection, and emotional intelligence.

Best fit because over the past year I’ve realized that “achievement” is as successful and beneficial as it meets your standards and fit. We overlook ourselves and establish goals to please others or to meet some kind of imaginary societal standard, but at the end of the day, the achievement must fit your personal schedule and needs. I’ve realized that it is okay to do things you love like reading, pursuing a hobby, working on something you like, going to college etc., and it’s definitely okay (and sometimes healthy) to abandon other people’s expectations for you. This realization hit home when it was time for me to select which graduate school I am going to apply to and which industry I want to contribute to. I realized that it’s not the best schools in the world that help a person realize the scope of their potential, but the people, the environment, the opportunity, the learning, and fit.

Reflection because 2018 provided me with many opportunities to explore. I explored my faith, my principles, my reach, and my goals in life. I’ve realized that we take the simplest forms of life and make it unnecessarily complicated. In this reflection phase, I learned to teach myself to invest in being kind, understanding, and empathetic. When people share and contribute, they share and contribute their experience, lifestyles, and the scope of their knowledge. Each of us goes through different experiences in life and in this spec of time through the universe it is important to understand that and reflect on your own self. The idea is that helping your friends, being kind in your fiercest battles, and forgiving the people who add frustration to your life brings you peace of mind. It is important to understand that some basic principles can shape our lives. Investing time to spread kindness, actively withdrawing from entangled conflict to seek new conversations, and letting go of what is holding you up can benefit one’s life immensely.

Emotional Intelligence because it is the most important thing in life. If I have learned one thing over the past year (and unknowingly over the past decade) is that the ability to control your emotions intelligently is the purpose of any learning. Emotional intelligence takes experience, reading, learning, and a good journey through life to achieve and once achieved, it becomes a very powerful tool. It lets you see clearly through blinding situations, let you reflect and invest at the same time and most importantly, allows you to achieve peace of mind. Emotional intelligence is a religion one must follow with thirst. Emotional intelligence has allowed me to invest in the present and navigate through the most appalling situations in life; making decisions.

I think these three topics illustrate my journey in 2018 well. I am super excited to see what 2019 holds for me and to keep investing in my recurring new year resolution; stick to the plan.