The World Needs More Rotaractors; #WorldRotaractWeek17

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 30 and you’re not a Rotaractor, you’re missing out.

I’ll tell you why. Rotaract is an International Non-Profit brand operating under the Rotary International umbrella, accomplishing Rotary’s avenue of youth empowerment and leadership. According to the most recent statistics, there are 291,006 Rotaractors registered in more than 9,500 clubs operating in 177 countries around the world. This could easily be the biggest coalition of young adults coming together to find innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. It’s pretty altruistic, but more than that there’s a lot Rotaract can offer to you in return for your service.

Rotaract makes the world a lot smaller. Rotaractors around the world have come together for the same reasons as you; to contribute to a better world tomorrow. Since we have the same service mindset, Rotaract breaks through the very obstacles where we see each other different. Rotaract brings together young adults irrespective of demography, geography, political, and/or economic status. You get the opportunity to learn about different cultures from people living through them, appreciate the varieties of human nature and have friends around the world! You won’t have to worry about searching for accommodation or a “tour-guide” next time you travel to a different country, you can just hang out with one of your Rotaract friends.

Rotaract helps you grow. Rotaract challenges you to organize projects and come up with innovative solutions to tackle pressing global issues. To do this, you need to work on a team, brainstorm ideas and make those ideas come true. You have to balance budgets, put together proposals, assess data and compile reports, network, negotiate, search for sponsors, speak in public, meet business leaders and make a leader out of yourself. So basically while you give back to society, you automatically grow as a person. You won’t have to go searching for that perfect internship to enhance your soft skills anymore, Rotaract would have already done it for you. You’ll be an expert in leadership 101 and you’ll be ready to lead, like a responsible global citizen.

Rotaract brings you opportunities. Since Rotaract is operating under the Rotary International’s umbrella, Rotaract will expose you to many scholarships, exchange programs, youth conferences, and training programs around the world. The opportunities are endless. It will also connect you to other organizations that do similar work for empowerment and sustainability in your own community or some part in the world. So basically when you give back to the community, it comes back in opportunities to travel around the world and learn more. Believe me when I say this, the world is much nicer when you set foot across borders. Definitely nicer than the portraits on the news.

Rotaract will make you a good human being. When you work with like-minded young adults to identify global issues, you’ll be a good human being. You’ll identify that every single human being is equal with the pursuit of happiness as their top priority. You’ll understand all religions are basically peaceful and that all people live to love and love to live. You’ll grow up to be an understanding spouse, parent, and neighbor. You’ll learn to empathize with people and be able to take good decisions on your own that’ll positively benefit your family. You’ll be able to make rational decisions as a global citizen. Overall, if everyone in this world is a Rotaractor or has been a Rotaractor at one point in their life, this world will have amazing individuals looking out for each other.

Rotaract will help you give back to the world. This is what Rotaractors do best; they give back to the world. When we give back to our community it becomes a part of our lives. It goes beyond the weekly projects we do and helps us be nice beyond our general meetings. Rotaract and altruistic behavior become a part of our lives. When we walk around, Rotaractors become the shining light that always offers to help anyone in need and make friends. It’s just a whole bunch of hope, trust, passion and perseverance for a beautiful, colorful and wonderful world!

So yeah, if you’re not a Rotaractor yet, find your nearest club and go join. If you don’t have a club nearby, don’t let that hold you back – start a club on your own. 

To all the Rotaractors celebrating the World Rotaract Week, congratulations and thank you for your service! Let’s do what we do and make this world better, sustainable, and beautiful one day at a time.