7 Free Tools For Your Volunteer Organization

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The new generation is clearly challenging the norms in the society. Culture has a significant amount of influence in our day-to-day operations. The way we absorb, review and present our ideas can represent our culture. The way we grow up, the books we read and the friends we associate may become building blocks to our personality and character.

Yet, we think beyond what we can see. Out of these dream catchers, some of it take action to really take the next step towards their dreams. So here’s some ingredients for those who are starting up, has a low budget and is ready to learn while playing! These websites, apps, and systems can really help you and your team bring your dream to life. Investing your time to review these modules can really have a long term return.




Canva is a life savor! This website lets you design on a variety of different templates. The variety includes a Facebook cover, Facebook event cover, invitations, blog posts, Posters, Flyers, Brochures etc. The new update has a special part for your team where you can share your templates with your teammates. You can save the colors of your organization so it can be used later on. It also includes different unique text styles, free pictures you can use, icons and so much more! If you’re not great at photoshop, this can be your design partner. Canva lets you design with drag-drop features with great layouts and backgrounds. (In fact, the featured image of this blog was also customized using Canva)



Wix is a drag-drop website builder. A website is very important to the brand of your organization. You can choose from a variety of templates to build your website or if you have something in your mind, you can start from the scratch. Wix doesn’t have a good premium package plan – it’s very expensive. But you can always have a website that is interactive and use free Wix apps and systems to build a one-of-a-kind website for your business. After you’ve created the template, you can link it to your own domain that you can purchase, probably from GoDaddy.com or something. Wix will let you upload unlimited photos and give you the facility to share it within your social media platforms in a very presentable and professional way.



Facebook for Non-Profits will not only help voluntary social service organizations but also your business. This website, which is sponsored and powered by Facebook Inc., provides you detailed instructions about how you should steer your Facebook page to attract more customers, reach out to more communities and how to raise funds. It also takes you through a very elaborative guide on how you should post to your Facebook page, what people like to see, what your images should look like and much more! You can also see how your Facebook page can make the best out of it by linking it to other non-profit and startup apps that are available for Facebook users. Facebook is currently the world’s most connected platform on earth and getting the hang of making the best out of your page in it, will save you MILLIONS!


  • REMIND: YOUR TEXT REMINDER (Free-Restricted)


Remind is a platform that can send your customers or team text reminders about anything. You can sign up using an educational institute or simply go premium on it. When you sign up, you have the capacity to link your team or customers phone numbers into it. When you want to send a message across, simply type it in and you can send it to their mobiles as text reminders. In a world where instant communication such as Whatsapp and Telegram can be quite overwhelming and annoying to check, sending text reminders to your team can be the best way to grab their attention and remind them about something you need them to know! On the bad side, I think this platform is only available in the United States.




Bitrix24 is a virtual platform for your organization. You can give access to all your team members to it and they can have their individual profiles. You can create tasks, maintain a company and individual folders with documents, chat and call, record transactions and get through to your customers. You can also chat along with its great app – not missing a thing while you’re away from your computer. You can also create an email platform to your organization, embed ideas and operate your entire organization virtually.




Slack is an instant communication app which is great for your teammates! This app lets you compile your own organization’s address within itself so only your teammates can access it. Within this “address” you can create your own conversations and lock/unlock them as you wish. You can also access it through a desktop browser and get in on with the conversation. It has general features of sharing pictures, videos, documents and other information with your team. The important part is, your entire organization can communicate using Slack and also create own conversations within it, for different departments and projects.




Doodle is an easy scheduling website where you can sign-up and check the availability of your teammates. This way, you don’t have to individually communicate to everyone to ask their availability. You can simply create the layout you need and invite your teammates to take the poll to schedule your event(s), check availability for a meeting and/or communicate for each scheduling. This is a great platform and lets you discover news ways for scheduling using different layouts.


When you are on the go in a start-up, you need to be the technician. Everyone you get on board need to identify your passion and dream and should start believing it. Without a passionate team, it is almost impossible to build a successful start-up.